We can all agree procrastination can be extremely frustrating. It’s a problem that many entrepreneurs face and is usually caused by fear of failure, fear of success or lack of energy. Those who are in a state of either procrastination or self-doubt must first identify whatever roadblock it is that’s causing them to procrastinate or doubt themselves. Feelings of rejection, fear, and unworthiness can take a major toll on your body and self-esteem. Apply the below methods to overcome procrastination and power through self-doubt.

Win The Mind & Body Game – Everything you want to achieve in life begins with the mind. However, in order to accomplish all of those achievements you’ll need some help from the body. The mind can come up with an unlimited number of ideas and solutions, but if the body isn’t there to work on the task, it leaves no way for all of those great ideas to be carried out. In order to overcome self-doubt and procrastination, you must be 100% aware of these two components and how they correlate.

Become Brutally Honest – Sometimes the easiest way to overcome procrastination or self-doubt is by simply being brutally honest with ourselves. Consider taking out a pen and paper and begin writing all the different things (thoughts, actions, behaviors) that you will need in order to achieve your goals. Then, write out all the things that you’re actually doing. Next, compare and contrast these two lists side by side. It should be fairly obvious why your goals are not being reached.

Keep Third Parties Accountable – Now that you have some understanding of the mind/body connection and the ability to be brutally honest with yourself, you must develop some type of third-party accountability structure with someone you know and trust. Similar to a life coach, this person should help you stay focused and keep you 100% accountable when it comes to actions, behaviors, and habits.

Each of the points above can help with both procrastination and feelings of self-doubt. By making a small effort to change negative behaviors you’ll notice an increase in energy to go along with a soaring boost to your self-esteem. Don’t let procrastination control your life. Take the path of self-motivation to accomplish your dreams and goals!