Women are known to be great multi-taskers, natural bridge builders, cheerleaders and nurturing peacemakers. While those are just a few of the characteristics which make the female population so powerful, there are plenty more. Still, too often women sell themselves short on just how valuable they really are at home and in the workplace. While most modern era ladies love the feeling of being independent, self-assured and strong, the path to reach that point of acceptance can be extremely challenging. When women are asked what tips they would tell their younger selves today, many of the responses are along the lines of:

Take more chances!
Be who you want to be.
Always believe in yourself.
Never let yourself settle!

Apparently, a voice from the critic inside us is constantly and persistently points out our flaws. This critical mindset keeps us striving for perfection but never arriving at the desired outcome, as we feel we have to wait until we have it all together. The problem with a critical consciousness is that it can sometimes hurt us when it comes to achieving what we want the most. All in all, it’s better to get a fresh perspective by channeling your unconscious mind. Have enough faith and confidence in yourself to ignore your inner critic.
Nobody (male or female) is born with immunity in terms of self-doubt or fear of failure. It’s up to each of us individually to reclaim our power. You’ve got this! Hold your ground and refuse to let that voice inside your head dictate your decisions or limit the actions you take. If you buy into your doubts, it will only amplify your anxiety regarding any challenges that are hindering your journey to success.