We should all consider failure as a detour that must be traveled on the road to success. However, that doesn’t mean failure should be oversimplified or treated lightly. If you know how to bounce back from mistakes and failure properly and professionally, you’ll be all set for success. Motivation is key to redeeming yourself, and although it can be tough to get motivated after a failure, it isn’t impossible. Listed below are a few things to remember when facing a failure.

Failure Is Not A Bad Thing – While everyone would, of course, like to avoid failures when possible, complete avoidance is unrealistic. Many of the world’s smartest minds have shared stories of failures they experienced before finally reaching success. Remind yourself that success is not the smooth road some people might make it out to be.

You Always Have A Second Chance – Never let one mistake or failure prevent you from chasing your dreams. Anytime you fail simply get back up and try again. There is plenty of time in life for you to have multiple opportunities to reach your goals. Never give up and always remember if you don’t get it right the first time there’s always another chance.

Learn Something From Your Mistakes – We all enjoy learning from our successes but our failures offer lessons as well. Analyzing a failure can give insight as to why things went the way they did in the first place. You can then learn how to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by because it’s too painful to reflect on where you went wrong the first time!

Never Say “That Should Be Me” – “I should have won that race” or “That should be me getting the sale” are sentences you should never tell yourself. Don’t ever think you should experience success instead of someone else. Although it may be easy to think that way, this will only end up trapping you in the past. Don’t re-imagine your failure into a success. Instead, learn from it to achieve success in your own right.

You’re Better Than Your Failures – Prevent yourself from getting down or depressed because of a failure. Failing at something does not mean you’re incompetent. Everyone fails at some point in life. Chances are there’s someone you idolize who has had his or her fair share of failures. Stay positive, learn from your mistakes and consider your goal a challenge that you’ll win, regardless of being set back by a failure or two.

Albert Einstein once said “Failure is success in progress” and his words still hold true to this day. Everyone makes mistakes and gets derailed sometimes. It’s those who stay positive and continue to learn that master the comeback.