Let’s be honest. Ever adult has experienced rejection at least one time in his or her life. It’s true. Rejection is an inevitable component of both our professional and personal lives. No matter what type of rejection you might be facing, it probably seems easy and comforting to succumb to fear. Don’t let rejection cause you a life of angst! Let that rejection go and move on to bigger and better things. Need help? Overcome fear of rejection with these simple steps shown to build confidence and improve self-assurance.

Be Grateful – Think of one or two things that you’re grateful for each morning when you get up. People who feel grateful for things they have tend to be more productive throughout the day and in return, accomplish more. Try reciting a mantra or affirmation to begin each day with a mission.

Be Purposeful – Those who feel like they have no purpose can easily slip into depression or become susceptible to stress. Rediscover your balance by finding your purpose and thinking about what you can do to make the biggest impact.

Continue To Grow – Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can only do one thing in life. If you work a full time job and want to get a side business going for extra income, do it! It’s okay to have multiple projects going on in your life if you are passionate about them. When you face rejection in one area, don’t sulk or over-analyze. Simply transition to another.

It’s a proven fact that people who are grateful, have a purpose and stay busy are less worried about rejection in life. If someone turns you down for something, pick yourself up, move on and never let rejection slow you down. You’ve come too far to let an unavoidable rejection take you back to the