Entrepreneurs and small business owners take numerous risks, suffer setbacks and deal with a wide variety of different decisions day in and day out. Unfortunately but not surprising, some of the most well-known and idolized entrepreneurs have reported that they’ve suffered from debilitating depression and anxiety at times. The key to beating these types of issues is to master a plan of attack against them. Below are three essential mental health skills that every entrepreneur should know.

When To Go All In – Since the internet has become easily accessible almost anywhere in the world, more and more people are starting side jobs outside of their regular 9 to 5. The large number of people that can be reached offers even the most inexperienced entrepreneurs the ability to begin selling something. But, the most successful men and women know just how important timing is when they feel ready to go all in on their business. Studies have shown that when people feel unaccomplished, it can quickly lead them down a path of depression. If you begin to feel this way address it by speaking with a psychologist, mentor or role model to help clear up any uncertainty.

Anxiety From Not Working – As humans, our minds can get exhausted when we feel like we’re not doing enough. This makes it vital to always have a plan in motion with preparations for any unknown outcome you may face. Those who are just getting started should create a schedule to help stay on track and protect their mental well-being. Entrepreneurs should also try to focus on 1 or 2 main things at a time. While building a new business does involve wearing many hats, try not to wear them all at one time. This will also conserve energy to constantly keep you moving forward and focused on the future.

Will Time Be Wasted – Newer entrepreneurs often wonder if their side job will even be worth all the work they put in. It can be debilitating to deal with this kind of worry on a daily basis. If you ever feel like you might be wasting time, consider honing on your focus a bit more. Don’t try to take over the world and instead concentrate on becoming a master in one thing at a time. Take a few minutes to write down a summary of your dream life and decide if the work you’re putting in now could lead you to that ultimate goal.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur already or are thinking about becoming one, it’s a good idea to reflect on each of the points listed above. There is more to running a business or launching a new idea than most think. However, those who know how to properly handle the stress and anxiety that comes